Centerpiece with flowers

Centerpiece with flowers

Good morning friends, in today's space I leave you with this great idea to decorate with centerpieces and our beloved flowers.

Always with fresh flowers and giving off a delicious aroma, you can decorate any of your spaces.

This time the basic idea is the simplest .. take advantage of small glass cups.

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<p>Glass and plants is something I love, and if you add some wood, it will be beautiful.</p>
<p>Precisely I share this idea to remember that, with something very simple, you can create the most artistic, mystical, natural or unreal effects.</p>
<p>It is important to decorate the table, depending on what you are going to prepare … if it is for a dinner or a special meal, for example for Christmas … it is good to add some detail to the table.</p>
<p>Just as you can create large centerpieces, you can also decorate but with small details.</p>
<p>As you can see with two glasses and some flowers, you don't need anything else. Place the glasses where you want, they can be the size you like best.</p>
<p>Flowers are something very personal, depending on what time you are in .. you can put seasonal flowers.</p>
<p>Now for Christmas, you can put some winter flower or add red flowers. Red is a classic of these dates, it will also give a very attractive and striking touch.</p>
<p>Put as many glasses as you want, although they are better glass. Then add some water inside … about halfway down the glass.</p>
<p>Then add half aspirin, so that the fresh flowers last longer. Now, whatever flowers they are, the way you cut them is very important.</p>
<p>Remember that the cut should be diagonal, so that there is a peak .. this is done so that the flower can absorb water without problems.</p>
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