Centerpiece with Magnolias

Good morning friends! Today I saw this picture and I loved to make a very similar centerpiece.

The truth is that I find it charming, elegant and the easiest to do. A centerpiece, with which you can add the magic touch to the evening.

Ideal for weddings, these centerpieces are perfect to make them quickly and give a charming touch to the rooms.

As you can see it is very elegant and simple, the predominant color is white … so I see it quite summery or spring.

I also see a decorative center perfect for weddings, communions or events of this nature. It is also perfect for romantic decoration.

We have talked about the Magnolia on other occasions, but today we will see how to make this simple centerpiece to decorate any of the rooms we have at home.

To do this, it is enough to take a vase in white, one, two, three … magnolias per vase and some water.

If you don't have white vases, you can use glasses or jars that you like and paint them white.

You can paint them inside, so they will have a very special touch and the glass will make them shine .. Add as many vases as you want, if they are similar to these you can have several on the same table.

Then it is enough to introduce a little water, half aspirin so that the flowers last longer and finally one or two Magnolias.

There is a set of the most pleasant and romantic! If you dare to make this beautiful centerpiece, here we tell you how to do it.

It can't be easier, we hope you like it as much as we do!

Photo: paperblog.com

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