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Centerpiece with recycled cans

Good morning friends, today I leave you this fantastic idea to do flower pots with cans Canned food and other products.

Sincerely, cans are one of the most important items recycled To make all kinds of household items. With cans we can decorate almost any room and, although it sounds a bit weird, they look deliciously good.

You can do great centerpieces, cans are a very simple article to handle to work with them.

You can do with cans from luminaires, to pots … as we see in today's article. It is very easy and also gives an original point.

Do not waste your household cans, you can always look for a function. It is not a matter of filling the house with cans, but you can add some decorative touches with them.

In this case we see how to make a great centerpiece for spring, it is perfect for this time and will give a touch of joy in the room we place them.

On this occasion we see that it has not been necessary to apply any paint, the cans have remained as they are from the factory.

But you can change the color or make a beautiful design of several colors … you can also upholster them with fabric … but if you are going to make pots, nothing like leaving them as is or painted alone.

To start, take as many cans as you want and get rid of the stickers. Simply apply a little oil or alcohol and you will see that they come out very well.

Then wash them thoroughly, so as not to leave anything left. Then we put them to dry very well, to introduce the substrate and transplant the plant you want or grow aromatic herbs or other types of plants.

If you leave them as a centerpiece, you can leave them as is and change the plants from time to time. If you want them as pots, practice some holes in the base so that they do not take excessive moisture.

Finally tie some green stems or ribbons, to give an even more spring touch.

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