Centerpiece with roses

To decorate the table, you can make a beautiful center based on roses. These flowers have always been a point and apart, for me, in the world of gardening. It will be its delicious aroma and its heady perfume .. The shape of these flowers is very beautiful, both when it is barely a cocoon whose petals close over others, until it becomes a beautiful open flower to receive light.

You can plant or buy roses of many different colors. Red, pink, white, yellow roses … there are so many colors to choose from. With them you can make beautiful bouquets of roses, decorate vases, make centerpieces as on this occasion or many other things. They are a nice idea to put them in a bride's bouquet or on the back of the chairs, to be decorated.

On this occasion I present the roses, in different ways. You can use one of these options or a combination of all together, to make a great centerpiece like these. You can change the colors of the flowers, if you want use a single hue, several or different colors, but try to find harmony always oriented to the decorative style you want to give the table.

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<p>This time we see three ways to beautify a table. As you can see there are three glasses of water, they are thick, with enough capacity. You can also use vases of this type or another line that you like. Theirs is that they are made of glass or transparent, in this way the eye will be able to observe the flowers that you introduce, which may be other than roses.</p>
<p>An idea is to cut the head of the flowers and put them in the container, with water to the top. The flowers will float, but you have to put them to the top. Another idea is to leave the flowers on the branch and introduce several of them. Finally, cut part of the flower stem and put them vertically, then fill with water to cover the plant heads.</p>
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