Centerpiece with stones and candles

If you like natural decoration, you will like this centerpiece of recycled branches. It is easy to do and will give a touch of the most attractive to your spaces.

If you have a garden, it will be much easier to get dry branches to decorate your home.

As you can see, it is very simple to do, and in spring you will have pruned some plant that you have … so you are sure that you have branches.

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<p>To make this center you just have to have some rustic rope, to give charm, dry branches and some flowers.</p>
<p>Basically what we are going to do is a small container or vase of dry branches .. it will be very beautiful on any of our surfaces.</p>
<p>It doesn't matter if the branches are a little longer or thicker than others, this will give the design dynamism …</p>
<p>but it is true that if there are some much longer than others and the difference is remarkable, you can always shorten them a bit.</p>
<p>Try to cut with a suitable tool, because if we don't splinter the wood and it won't look pretty.</p>
<p>It is good to file or sand the ends of the branches a bit, so we will avoid splintering and it will be much better.</p>
<p>The base of the vase can be filed a little more … so we will align this area and the base will be much more stable.</p>
<p>The branches are joined with a little silicone between them .. in this way they are fixed and will not come off so easily.</p>
<p>The rustic rope, going around the vase several times, looks pretty good because it gives a very striking final detail.</p>
<p>Make several turns, contouring the wood and ends with a small loop. Finally add the flowers you like best.</p>
<p>You can choose them natural, fabric or dried flowers .. The center can be placed on a table that you like.</p>
<p>So you can decorate the living room or your favorite corner.</p>
<p>Photo: <a title=Etsy

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