Centerpiece with stones and candles

Centerpiece with stones and candles

Good morning friends, in today's space I leave you a great decorative idea using some stones or songs and some small candles.

Is very simple If you do, you can also give the look you want, even if we look at the pictures like that, you can make the changes that you like the most.

For example, the type of base could be a glass, a vase or something else. The stones instead of gray, may be the colors you like most .. but something natural, remember that we are looking for a beautiful decor but getting closer to nature.

Finally if you do not want to put candles, these can always be replaced by other things like flowers .. they will look great and add a very colorful effect.

This center, as a personal note, I think is quite elegant and gives a natural look wherever we put it.

Perfect to make a centerpiece or decorate your favorite corner … you can do it in a few steps … or imitate it.

Just take a transparent container, this way we will see everything that includes the centerpiece.

After filling this with stones, they can be rounded edges or a stone that you like. In this case it is gray, hence it seems so elegant.

Make sure the stones are clean, so we will give an even more neat effect. Finally we make a hole between the stones and add a small tealight.

Try to make it small, because we don't want any fright with the glass and the heat of a bigger candle … you can put it scented.

Another great idea is to add some water to the set, perhaps less stones and some water .. perfect for Feng Shui style environments.

If you like it, you can try to do it and if you do, you can comment from here. Thank you very much, for reading us, to all of you!

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