Centerpiece with vegetables

Good morning friends! In today's space I leave you a great idea to use as a centerpiece .. vegetables!

A great decorative option, which will help you to give a different image of your tables at home. If you have an event that you are going to celebrate at home, what better idea than to make centerpieces.

On this occasion we add a vegetable, the one you want to choose and then something important .. something that, surely this summer we will have seen a lot on the beach ..

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<p>Shells and sand, yes! On this occasion the materials used are three and the base where you want to locate this whole set.</p>
<p>A different set, curious and can become the protagonist of the table. What do you need? A container that you like.</p>
<p>This container can be as large or small as you want, the only thing is that it is transparent and weighs enough that the vegetable you put will not fall.</p>
<p>Then add some sand inside … as you see you must fill at least half of the container … in this way you will establish a solid base, so that the whole does not fall.</p>
<p>If you look closely, inside the base there is another glass .. that glass allows the vegetable or flowers you put, stay in perfect condition longer.</p>
<p>As you fill the sand base, introduce a glass of water … yes, try not to let the sand into this smaller glass.</p>
<p>Finally he adds, some shells to decorate the sand surface. In this case as much as the sand and shells, they are a beautiful white color.</p>
<p>To finish all this wonderful and natural centerpiece, add the vegetable you want .. I remind you that you can also put a flower or a plant that you like!</p>
<p>Photo: <a title=elledecor

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