Centerpiece with wood

Good morning friends, in today's space I leave you with a great idea to make it as a centerpiece, using wood.

It's true that sometimes we have traces of wood and we don't know what to do with them. From here I remind you that you can do a lot of things.

Today, for example, I leave this image so you can see how you can make a great centerpiece. For this, very natural materials such as wood and plants have been used.

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<p>It is true that you can also put some candles and with a wire or a rope, of natural fiber, decorating the top will be very simple.</p>
<p>It is easy to make centerpieces, using remains of wood and natural elements. Sometimes perfection is found in imperfection ..</p>
<p>Place a rest of wood that you have in your house, as the base of the whole set .. it can be a piece of stump or whatever you want .. you don't need to give it a shape .. unless it is too large.</p>
<p>The more natural it is, the better, you can even use it to decorate tables if you have some important events.</p>
<p>Place on wood, whatever you want! In this case there are three super and transparent candle holders, to see the candles.</p>
<p>As you can see with some wonderful flowers, the center concludes in an ornament of the most natural to give a great point to our tables.</p>
<p>It is easier to do than you think. I also leave you the photograph so that you have a small idea of ​​what I want to convey.</p>
<p>If you want, to give a touch of fantasy or a little more rustic, you can add a rope. Tie the flower to the rope and place it in the upper area.</p>
<p>The flowers can be real or fabric, as you want. You can even put smaller candles, we have an accident.</p>
<p>Photo: <a title=realisticwedding

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