Centerpieces with flowers submerged in water

If you are looking for different ideas for make centerpieces We will teach you how to prepare a very original model, in which the flowers are submerged in water. They are very easy to make and can decorate any table or corner of your home.

To make them you can use any type of flowers, the best are those that have a long stem such as coves and orchids. Secondly we must look for the appropriate container, it can be any glass vase that has a smooth surface. Although they can be done in any type of glass the effect will not be the same.

If the vase is not very large you must place only about three flowers cutting them at different heights, so they will be very beautiful and original.

When you have already cut them it will be time to place the base of the vase, for that you must cover the bottom with stones, they must have the ideal size so that between them the stems can be hooked. When we have put the stones we must place water very slowly, you must fill it leaving five centimeters away towards the edge without placing water.

The flowers should be placed very carefully, hooking each stem one by one and looking for the ideal place to look perfect, when we have finished this step we will see how we have a beautiful centerpiece of flowers submerged in the water.

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