Chalkboard paint for pots

Good morning dear friends, today in our corner I talk about how to decorate the pots with slate paint.

It is the simplest and not only this, it can help you differentiate the things you have planted … Also if they are sherds that you will not play much better, since what you will use to write should be the chalks of a lifetime.

This painting has the result of converting almost any surface into an authentic slate, where you can draw and write whatever you want with both white and any color chalk.

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<p>This painting can be used for many types of surface, although in this case I talk about pots.</p>
<p>You already know that I love decorating the sherds, from time to time it is good to change and renovate them … in this way you will not get fed up and you will also give a new touch to your terrace.</p>
<p>If you have a garden, a patio, some plants inside or outside your home .. surely you have them in pots, planters or similar.</p>
<p>If so and you intend to change the look, it is easy .. with this blackboard paint you will add a great nod of sympathy.</p>
<p>Imagine that you have a small garden, made in pots … it is a great idea to differentiate what we have planted.</p>
<p>To paint the pots or the planter, you simply have to buy paint for slate, a brush or a brush and clean the surface very well.</p>
<p>The latter you will do so that the paint grips better and, in addition, that there is no residue left so that the final result is much softer and smoother.</p>
<p>Also follow the instructions of the paint manufacturer. Then apply one or several coats on the part of the pot you want and that's it. Let dry very well, then you can paint on it.</p>
<p>If you want you can make special designs, paint the entire pot or just a little! Do not paint it inside.</p>
<p>Photo; <a title=favecrafts

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