Characteristics of Mandevilla laxa

This plant is known by many as Jasmine from Chile, his name is a tribute to John Mandeville who was responsible for introducing the crop in Europe after being a British ambassador to Argentina.

These plants belong to the Apocináceas family, it is formed by more than 100 species of climbing shrubs originating in the south and the center of the American continent. It usually receives several names, among them: Chilean Jasmine, Jasmine from Chile, Mandevilla, Jasmine from Jujuy or Jasmine from Argentina.

La Mandevilla is a climbing bush that reaches five meters high. The leaves are ovate, reaching 10 centimeters long, appearing on the branches in opposite pairs. The flowers are tubular, with five petals, with a rich aroma and different colors ranging from white to red. It blooms at the beginning of summer.

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<p style=It is widely used to cover walls or pergolas. In the case that they are grown in pots they should be large because they have roots that need a lot of space for their development.

It can be placed in full sun or semi-shade, what should be avoided are temperatures below 10 degrees. The soil with good drainage goes well. If you want to transplant a Mandevilla you should do it during the spring or during the fall.

Watering during spring to summer should be two liters per plant and at least twice a week. After flowering, a drastic pruning to strengthen the plant.

If you want it to grow strong and healthy you can pay every two weeks during the summer with a fertilizer rich in nitrogen and once with manure in the fall. Fortunately it is not usually attacked by typical garden pests.

This jasmine can be multiplied by seeds sown in spring or by cuttings during the summer.

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