Characteristics of primroses – Ideas for gardens and decoration

On this occasion we will tell you the characteristics of a plant with flowers as pretty as the primula.

The generic name comes from the Latin primus or primulus ("first"), refers to its early flowering. In medieval times, the daisies were called primula, at that time it was called veris or "firstborn of spring" primula.

This genus of plants belongs to the primulaceae family, a family formed by five hundred different species. The origin of the plant is in the northern hemisphere. Among the best known species we find: Primula denticulata, Primula aurantiaca, Primula intricada, Primula aucalis.

The plants look like small bushes with basal leaves which form a rosette, these leaves have an orbicular lanceolate shape. In the center the tubular flowers are born, you can find it in several colors (white, red, pink, blue), from them a soft aroma follows.

It is advisable to place them in groups in shaded or semi-shaded areas or indoors where they receive direct sunlight. This type of plant should not be exposed to cold, does not withstand temperatures that are below 5 degrees and normally do not survive frost.

They develop optimally in fertile soils, that are rich in humus, with good drainage. If you want to perform a transplant, it is best to do it after flowering. Keep in mind that primulas are very sensitive species to lack of water and also to excess water. They should never be on flooded soil.

If you want to have healthy and bright plants, it is advisable to pay them weekly using a mineral type fertilizer that is not very rich in salts, especially fertilization is done during the flowering season. The multiplication of the primroses is done by seeds sown during the spring.

Primroses are plants that they are not usually attacked by pests, but you should pay special attention to the risks (which are not scarce or in excess).

Primulas are multiplied by seeds sown in spring.

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