Plantas acuáticas que debes tener

Characteristics of some aquatic plants

We will refer to aquatic plants that you can't stop having in your aquarium. Keep in mind that for the correct development of aquatic plants they should have roots slightly submerged in the water or near the water table of the pond.

The diversity of these plants can become infinite, today we will simply refer to some of them that you will have to have.

The species known as darmera peltata (peltiphyllum peltatum) is one of the best known, characterized by count large sheets rounded shape. It originated in the United States where it is normal to see it next to the ponds and in the swamp gardens.

The cordata pontederia It is another beautiful aquatic species, in this case it stands out above others for its flowers and decorative leaves. The plant blooms at the end of the summer and its striking purple flowers grow spontaneously. It can be found on the banks of lakes and in wetlands.

The red stem alocasias or ears of elephants have large leaves and a size of a particular red tone. It is a variety that if it is in optimal conditions can reach 1.70 meters high. The same thing that happens with other alocasias requires great humidity and its leaves have a more triangular shape.

The green stem alocasia It differs from the previous one because of its large size, the leaves have a more rounded shape and a larger wingspan. Its petiole or stem is longer and totally green. The experts in the care of these plants recommend cutting the leaves as soon as they begin to wilt. Both alocasias can be multiplied by killing division.

Other species that we advise you to have in your aquarium:
Astilbe x arendsii
Water lily

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