Jardines sostenibles

Characteristics of sustainable gardens

Throughout history, landscaping has focused on the creation of beautiful spacesUnfortunately, in many cases the impact on their environment and the cost of irrigation of species crops have not been taken into account. This expense does not have much to do with the climate in which the garden is.

To avoid this kind of problem, they started taking measures in the planning of gardens, which focus mainly on sustainability. In many cases, techniques belonging to xerojardinería began to be used, a system practiced by the Arabs in the Iberian Peninsula when they created their impressive gardens.

Thanks to these methods you are looking for create gardens that are maintained autonomously, through the use of xerophilous species and planting aimed at increasing humidity.

A very important point in sustainable gardens is the introduction of native plants, which are resistant to the climatic conditions of each area of ​​the planet. All the actions that must be carried out in a garden of this type must influence each other, we can say that they are cyclic actions and have the purpose of influencing their autonomous development, so that irrigation and pruning They are practically non-existent.

The sustainable gardens they use the techniques and resources available to create green spaces that acquire value over time and, in a balanced way, seek the maturity of the natural development of the space.

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