Abeto de España

Characteristics of the Fir of Spain

If you want to grow a fir from Spain With success we advise you to follow the advice that we will give you in this article, in which we will also tell you some of its characteristics.

The scientific name of the Fir of Spain is Abies Pinsapo BoissIt is also known as Pinsapo, Spanish fir, Pinzapo, Andalusian fir. It can be seen in the mountains of Málaga and Cádiz.

This tree has an elegant bearing and a very representative pyramidal shape, if it is in optimal conditions it can reach more than 20 meters in height. Its trunk is presented straight, it can be divided into two or more arms, in the case that it has several arms it is called Fir-tree Candlestick.

The bark is grayish, with a cracked texture in the larger specimens. The leaves grow along the branches, are sharp and quite hard. Its wood is soft with some resin.

It is usually used in gardens that are larger than 500 meters, especially those found in the mountain area, where the weather will be most beneficial. If you want to plant several specimens should be placed about 8 meters from each other. Its multiplication is by seeds or by cuttings.

Some pests can affect their development, the most common are mites. Remember that the mite is a fairly common pest, this pest is from the arachnid family, they have eight legs and attacks the trees when it is very cold.

When the temperature rises the mite disappears. But we should not wait for that time since fir mites can cause great damage. Mites cause the tree to eliminate its chlorophyll, especially that found in leaf cells.

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