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Characteristics of white clover

We will tell you the characteristics that the white dwarf clover, called by many car clover, Holland clover or creeping clover.

His scientific name is Trifolium repens. It is a perennial species whose stems are creeping. The leaves are shaped trifoliate and green with white spots. There are different variants on the market that are suitable for forming a low-rise ornamental meadow.

It can be taken as a slippery lawn. It is widely used in different types of gardens, although it is not recommended for areas where there are swimming pools or on sports fields.

It has the advantage of keeping a beautiful green color throughout the year.

Among the different varieties we find Trifolium repens ‘Purpurascens Quadrifolium’, it is used as an upholstery. It has a brown brown foliage marginalized with green and white flowers during the summer. It is characterized by be very resistant to people's traffic, besides adapting perfectly in wet soils.

Tolerates the cuts well, although it does not need to be frequent, it will only be necessary to cut them once in a while. It can also tolerate low temperature climates. Due to the low need for fertilization it is appropriate to be planted in poor soils.

In poorly maintained lawns can take over other surfaces covering the total land area.

Another characteristic of white clover is that it is sensitive to hormonal herbicides, and these cannot be used to control weeds.

In the case of pure plantings a total of 15 to 20 grams of seeds are needed for every square meter that needs to be covered. The best date for sowing is in early autumn, you will notice how quickly covers the surface.

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