Chard cultivation

Good morning friends, the culture Chard is easier than we think. If you have a small garden and you love vegetables, chard may be one of the things you have in mind.

In this way today I leave you with some basic tips, to be able to plant chard In our garden.

Rich and tasty to eat, these can be plant directly on earth. If you are going to do it in a pot, they are about 25 liters, of great depth.

Now in spring it is a good time to plant it and we can pick it up in about 8 weeks.

Chard is perfect to develop in almost any type of soil, it is not a plant that needs too much care.

Something that we will try is not to water it too much and that it has very good drainage. Try to make the earth rich in nutrients and go!

When you go to plant the seed, remember that you can put it in water from 24 to 48h, just like other vegetables.

Then you just have to plant these seeds, about two and a half centimeters deep and you can do it directly in the ground or in a pot.

It is important that the sun of your chard, so plant them where this of .. but if the problem is the lack of sun, this can also tolerate some shade.

Remember that it is not necessary that you are too aware of these plants, just water them two or three times a week, with plenty of water and good drainage.

As I told you, Chard does not need much care and it is also a very resistant plant to pests.

Well here I have left you some good tips for planting Chard in your garden or in a pot.

I hope they serve very useful and thus add more vegetables and vegetables to it.

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