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Children's Decoration: Flowers made of cardboard

If you are looking for children's decoration, details for children or any complement for your children today I propose to recycle those cardboard tubes that we have in the bathroom or in the kitchen. These cardboard tubes that we see have been converted or transformed into nice flowers and plants, to decorate some spaces of the smallest of the house. With fun flowers and nice cardboard plants, in addition to decorating and adding a touch of joy … we will be teaching our children how to recycle.

They are honestly quite easy to do, unless your design is much more complicated. In fact we can see it in the tutorial that I leave you clicking on the link under the article. As you can see you just have to take a cardboard tube and with scissors or a cutter, go doing the way you want.

The trick is not to cut the base, so it will be in a rounded shape giving more relief to the flowers and also the whole will not be undone. If the base is broken for whatever reason, you can always stick it a little with adhesive tape. It is an idea to draw the plant and the flowers on the cardboard, before cutting … when it is to our liking you can cut it.

Then it will only be left to paint the flowers and plants as we want, within this children's decoration or craft, it's time for your children to participate by painting their accessories. In this way let your little ones experiment with finger paint, tempera, watercolors. As you can see, the cardboard poles are easy to use to do many things at home, this time if you like plants and you are looking for a different and nature-marked children's decoration … even if they are a lie, here I leave you with this idea.

If you dare, click on the link below, which will take you to the tutorial that is enough with some images to know how it is done. I hope it helps you to decorate the bedroom or any other part of the house, with children's touches, what do you think?

Photo: pinkstripeysocks

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