Children's swing to decorate the garden

Children's swing to decorate the garden

Good morning friends, today I leave you with this great children's swing to decorate the garden of your home.

Even if you talk about the garden, this swing can also be integrated into the decoration of your home … from the terrace hanging from the ceiling, to the interior of the living room, the children's leisure room or in your bedroom.

I always tell you that now is a good time to take advantage and condition all our outdoor spaces.

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<p style=This idea is great to include children's elements in the garden .. if you have a tree take advantage of some of the thickest branches.

This swing is handmade, so we can do it ourselves easily.

With a bit of skill, imagination and some basic tools, you can make a swing similar to this.

With a wood, which can be recycled, we already have the basic seat for children. In addition we add a rustic, thick rope for the swing to hold in the air .. since we do not want accidents.

You can cut the wood with the measures you need .. in this case one for the seat horizontally and two that go below, smaller and vertically.

These latter woods serve as reinforcement to hook the swing well. Fix all the woods and then take the drill.

This drill will serve to aguerear the wood, make four holes. We will use these holes to introduce the rope.

As you can see, two rings have been put on, as reinforcement and then rope tightly tied to the same rings.

Finally, tie the swing to the branches of a tree … if you don't have a garden, you can add a ring on the roof of the terrace or even inside your house.

You can also put it in the children's room, especially if you do not have a terrace. It is also perfect if your children have a small game room.

Photo: Etsy

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