Chinese Jasmine - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Chinese Jasmine – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends! In our space today we will talk about the Chinese jasmine, a beautiful perennial vine with volubile branches, belonging to the Oleáceas family.

Of the genus Jasminum, of the polyanthum species, we have this beautiful plant which will help us decorate our gardens and outdoor areas.

A climbing plant which will provide a most special perfume and beautify wherever you place it. Among the main characteristics of Chinese Jasmine, we have to tolerate the cold very well and it is fast growing.

The height of Chinese Jasmine reaches about 8 or 10 meters, perfect for upholstering some areas. As we have said, its growth and development is quite fast, so it is perfect for decorating.

This plant develops very well in prepared soils, fertile and well drained soils. As we have said, it is a plant that receives cold well.

Something important is that after the flowering season of Chinese Jasmine, the ideal is to prune it enough.

This type of plants is used for pergolas and palisades, but we can use it in other places. Of Chinese origin, this type of Jasmine has its flowering season in late winter and early spring.

Its leaves are dark green and the buds in a pretty dark purple color too, although they tend to turn pink when the flowers open until they turn white.

Guide the branches with wires and supports for it, this plant is easily grasped … so it is ideal for decorating.

Finally we tell you that like all plants can suffer from some pests, although it is unlikely, the red spider can wander and also the mealybug .. but this is usually only when it has been planted in unfavorable conditions.

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