Christmas. decorate the chairs with flowers

Christmas. decorate the chairs with flowers

Good morning friends! Christmas is here, but surely more than one of us has not yet decorated his home or they lack some detail.

If you are from this group, welcome! Today we give you an idea to decorate the Christmas chairs, especially if you like nature.

We love to add a natural touch to our environments, with plants, dry branches, flowers, seeds ..

Decorating with plants is something very striking that will make our rooms very special rooms.

On this occasion we bet to decorate the backs of the chairs with flowers and / or plants that we have in the garden or buy.

Simply put a nice cloth as covers chairs and add a ribbon with a bow and some Christmas pineapples.

But if you don't want to cover the entire chair, you can simply make it even easier … just make us with a wide decorative strip of tape … so it will decorate much more. Buy it the color you like best, it can be in red.

Tie the ribbon to the chair, ending in a pretty bow or a fantastic Christmas bun. On the back, on the face that faces out, it would be a bit awkward otherwise, we can add some Easter flowers.

We can also make some beautiful arrangements with dried flowers and branches, they will be great. Use holly, which is another plant widely used at this time, quite traditional.

Add some pineapples, if you can get them, and fix them in the loop .. you will see that finish so attractive.

In this way we give a very natural touch to our Christmas environments, a rustic brushstroke and full of life.

We hope the suggestions will inspire you to decorate the chairs.

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