Adornos navideños con naranjas

Christmas decorations with oranges – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning, my dear! Since the holidays are approaching Christmas, today we would like to tell you about this beautiful idea that we have seen.

Yesterday we talked about how to make a beautiful center table, using oranges as a basic medium.

Today we are also preparing to use oranges as a material to make these beautiful ornaments to Christmas.

It is an idea of ​​the most natural and fantastic, make these ornaments with the skin of the orange .. it is more if you eat this fruit at home, you can recycle your peel.

Ideal for all of us because it will be very economical, aromatic and original.

As you can see in the photograph, the skin of this magnificent citrus has been used to cut pine trees and Christmas stars.

You can change and make the figures differently, the ones you like best. But today we propose this fruit to decorate our homes and bring a bit of Christmas spirit to the rooms.

To do so you just have to have some oranges … with one enough to make one, two or three ornaments.

Peel the orange … and we reserve her skin, because with it we will make the ornaments. It's very simple … just trace them inside and then cut it out.

If you want all the ornaments to be exactly the same, you have to get a template or molds of the type you want .. as you see in the photo.

Then you put it on the orange peel, we draw the outline and with scissors .. we cut.

They are very nice and will smell very good, aromatize your rooms with these funny ornaments. You can put them in a fountain or practice a hole in the upper area and add a tanza or decorative tape. With them we can decorate the Christmas tree.

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