Christmas tree made with pots

Good morning to all and to Christmas lovers! If you want a nice idea take some pots and see what you can do this fabulous ornament.

If you are looking for ideas to decorate the next holidays, this is simple to do, relatively fast and very economical.

You can also change the colors or some of the elements it has. But the idea is quite simple ..

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<p>you just have to place a pot, over another … so that we build a kind of cone or pyramid.</p>
<p>The pots, as you can see, have to be smaller, the trunk being a smaller pot than the rest or the size of the one, the top one at all.</p>
<p>As you can see the pots have been painted before and have been decorated to taste .. to later form this nice Christmas tree.</p>
<p>It does not take up any space and you will see that it adorns quite a lot. You can include it in a bookcase or if you do it with pots that do not weigh much, you can hang it.</p>
<p>To paint the pots try to use paint suitable for the material they are made of. These are painted dark green. With a brush, add red dots as if they were the tree balls.</p>
<p>Let everything dry very well. Then, when you see that you can manipulate everything, frame the pot with something so that the spray snow does not fall.</p>
<p>Try to cover the green area, so the final result will not be damaged. Then with snow spray, spray all over the mouth of the pot.</p>
<p>You will see what a cuiroso effect .. And now, carefully we are assembling the pots, if you see that they do not fit well or do not hold, add a little silicone to the edges and voila.</p>
<p>The star can be cut from yellow felt. Trace the star or figure you want, then trim and fix the pot with silicone.</p>
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