Christmas tree with pots

Good morning to all, friends, in today's space I leave you with some pots in miniature, as a Christmas craft for the little ones in the house.

Easy and fun, you can do it with your sons.. you will have a great time enjoying this time together doing something fun.

Let's paint pots! What do you think? I think it's a frankly beautiful idea for both children and decorate home.

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<p>You can put these small pots, both inside the house .. and in outdoor areas.</p>
<p>In this case it is small pots, but you can use them bigger … this is a matter of where you want to put the ornament.</p>
<p>If I have not already told you, I tell you that all the pots together .. make up a wonderful Christmas tree, perfect for decorating children's spaces.</p>
<p>If you have children in your care, you can leave them this craft … yes, there is always an adult with them … because you have to use paint … and we do not want them to put their hands to their mouths.</p>
<p>This tree is made up of four pots, each smaller. The cusp of the complement is a mini .. mini .. mini pot, the most sympathetic.</p>
<p>This mini pot, is crowned by a beautiful star .. that you can paste with a little silicone or glue for it.</p>
<p>You can find the pots at cheap prices and you can buy them from the material you want.</p>
<p>Then you just have to paint them, to do this take a brush and get down to work .. I remember that your children can help you .. so you take advantage of the time together.</p>
<p>These four sherds are painted a very striking green and then decorated with circles in other colors.</p>
<p>These circles filled with color simulate the balls of the tree .. otherwise you just have to put the pots upside down and fix them.</p>
<p>It may be that they fit .. but if you don't see it clearly, you could add some silicone to fix them well and that they don't disassemble.</p>
<p>Photo: <a title=favecrafts

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