Citrus Fisopatías (II)

If we have citrus fruits it will be necessary that let's protect from frost. To do this we must protect the aerial part by creating a kind of wire frame covered with plastic with holes, you can use burlap cloth or a sheet in disuse.

In the case of fruit trees or bushes on trellises they can be covered with plastic, especially when the night is expected to be very cold during spring.

Sprinkler irrigation is very good in certain cases, since it allows you to balance the heat loss by providing the heat of fusion of the water that is supplied with the irrigation.

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<p style=Using the method of flooding the soil is achieved to increase the caloric capacity of the land and therefore its thermal conductivity.

If a mechanical mixture of the cold and hot air is carried out, devices that have large propellers are put into operation that are responsible for mixing the cold air of the soil with the highest quality layers that are above.

Another point that must be taken into account when protecting and caring for plants is the wind. The wind that is strong and gusty causes the branches to break, Fall in the leaves, flowers and fruits. The wind that is dry arrives to wilt the vegetables, generating that their leaves have the edge of the dried leaves. A very cold and very dry wind can burn the plant.

In areas that are very windy to protect citrus trees it is necessary to create protective windbreaks such as hedges, heather sheets, walls, etc.

Some places They are characterized by frequent storms with hail, which can damage the plant and its fruits, coming to detach them. Hail can generate defliation and mark the leaves, stems, fruits. After hail it is advisable to spray with a fungicide to avoid contamination by fungi producing rot.

The treatment must be carried out within 24 hours of hail, at the latest the next day. Among the products can be used Captan, Carbendazima, Folpet, Mancozeb, Methyl thiophanate, Ziram. The fundamental thing is to do it as quickly as possible.

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