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Citrus tree care

Citrus fruits, such as orange, mandarin, lemon, grapefruit, lemon, tango, citrus, they can be affected by different pathophysiologies. This is due to nutrient deficiencies, nutrient deficiencies, hail, frost, fruit alterations, fruit malformations.

Among the causes that cause the fisopatías are: too much irrigation, lack of irrigation, heat, too dry weather, wind, excess of hail, natural aging of the tree, lack of nutrients in citrus, excess of nitrogen, excess of manure, soil too saline , damage caused to the roots by styling, incorrect pruning.

When we water a tree too much we can generate a suffocation and a rot of the roots. That is why you should always water the necessary and improve, as far as possible, the drainage, if it is deficient.

In case of lack of irrigation the plant will present the dried leaves (at the tips and at the edges), after seeing them in poor condition the leaves end up falling.

Lack of water can cause fruit trees to have problems in flowering. Keep in mind that when they need more water it is just before the flowering stage begins, in case they don't have it the flowers will be aborted.

Hot air and low humidity are a real dryer for plants, causing this to wilt. Recall that heat waves are masses of air that travel with low humidity and temperatures above 40 degrees. When the weather is in these conditions it is essential that the trees are very well watered.

Cold and strong winds, along with frost, can cause significant damage to the most delicate trees. Take special care to protect trees that come from tropical and subtropical climates. Among the symptoms of cold can be burned buds, flowers with more oily petals that fall and fruits that do not develop properly.

Unfortunately, spring frosts can kill buds, flowers and fruits overnight with frosts.

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