Clean your pool after summer -Part I- Ideas for gardens and decoration

Clean your pool after summer -Part I- Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning dear friends! Today in Decoration and Gardens, we will love to talk about how to clean the pool for better maintenance. Now that there is little left for the summer to end, if you are lucky to have a great pool … it is a good idea to limit it.

Remember that we can do this with the full pool, as empty. To do it with the empty pool, we will need a strong chemical, Salfuman. The use of gloves for acids is essential and clothing that does not matter to us that stains. Get a carbon filter mask too.

The first thing will be to sweep the pool well removing debris and dirt that may be present. Then take a bowl and pour the salfuman. Now take a brush and impregnate the walls with this product .. apply it abundantly. Do not inhale the vapor you release.

This we let act for 5 to 10 minutes and voila. Then we clean with water – with the help of a hose – the entire pool to get rid of salfuman remains. Try not to apply water under pressure.

Salfuman will be used to clean the remains of lime, bacteria and dirt from the entire pool, and then refill it.

Remember that so that the Salfuman does not slip through the sump, we will put a bilge pump in the sump itself .. so be careful where you are going to throw it – so that it does not fall to the plants.-

As you can see, it is very easy to clean the pool after summer and so prepare it for the next time we have to fill it and our acquaintances want to bathe.

This way is to clean the pool without water, in the next article we will show you how to do the same, but this time with the pool full of water. We hope you find it very useful!

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