Clean your pool after summer -Part II- Ideas for gardens and decoration

Clean your pool after summer -Part II- Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends! Today we continue with yesterday's article, how to clean your pool after summer.. if you need to clean your pool, yesterday we proposed how to do it without water and today we will teach you to clean it with water inside.

Remember that if you get to clean the pool without water, you can use it to repair any cracks or replace a broken tile or whatever you need. Then just apply concentrated and ready anti-algae.

But if you know that your pool is in perfect condition, and you want to clean it with water, today we tell you how you can do it.

Remember that if you do not plan to empty the pool, during the winter it will start to turn green and when summer comes we will find seaweed colonies, no matter if it has a treatment plant.

The first thing we will do is check the filter, see if it is in good condition .. then we wash and rinse the filter itself, just in case it has sand or anything.

Now take a brush and go cleaning the walls of the pool, then we will adjust the PH to 7 or 7.2 .. in this way the chlorine will act correctly.

The treatment we are going to do will be shock, so we will pour liquid chlorine .. about 40 liters per 50,000 liters of water. Pour the chlorine directly into the water, then add 200 gr of grain trichlor by one of the skimmers.

The filtration equipment should act from 12 to 24 hours, until we see the water of the pool clearer. Once you see it, we add flocculant in pads in the engine prefilter ..

And ready, in this way we will solve the color of the water, we will no longer have to see the green of the surprise pool in summer, after the end of winter and we can have a clean and clear water to enjoy it.

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