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Cleaning of indoor plants

Sometimes we see that indoor plants are victims of dust and of the typical dirt of the closed environments, we will give you some tips so that you can clean them maintaining their beauty and their health.

Cleaning a plant is a task that requires time and patience, but it is worth it. Keep in mind that in outdoor plants they are cleaned thanks to rain and wind, but in indoor plants this is impossible.

The lack of cleanliness in its leaves can be negative, since it prevents the development of vital functions and favors the appearance of pests and diseases.

If in the area in which we live the water is limestone It is advisable that before using it let it rest one day Or we can boil it and allow it to cool before using it.

After cleaning the leaves with water you should let them dry or you can help them with a soft cloth, so you will avoid the appearance of white spots due to the accumulation of lime, especially in areas where the waters are hard.

The hairy leaves are very delicateThey also have the disadvantage of retaining much more dust by the thin fluff that covers them. In these cases it is best to pass a dry brush, reviewing the areas of the stem and leaves.

Larger leaves tend to fill with dust more easily, so it will be necessary to clean them more frequently, so we will prevent dirt from clogging pores and transpiring the plant, reducing the ability to absorb water and light.

Yes the plant has small leaves it is best to spray themThis will increase the humidity and prevent the appearance of pests. If the plant is very large, a good alternative is to place it inside the bathtub and spray it with warm water from the shower at low pressure.

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Keep houseplants clean

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