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Climbing of climbers (III) – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Today we want to give you some tips so you can water your climbing plants that you have in macetones.

You must be very careful with the top layer of the earth, since it can be kept dry while the interior can have standing water. Exceeding yourself in risks can be very harmful.

In the market you can find different instruments that are used to measure the humidity in the pots, they are very useful since they will help you to orient yourself.

You cannot take a standard way of watering the pots since the way to do it It will depend on the conditions of each plant and the place where they are. While excess water can be bad, so can the lack. Although it is better to fall short than to go over.

You should water them more if the pots are in the sun or if they receive a drying wind. With the hot wind in summer it will be necessary to give them away every day. In the event that the temperatures rise suddenly it should be done at night, but you will be damaging its roots.

In the event that the pot is made of clay you must remember that the walls are porous and that they can lose water by perspiration. Pots that are ceramic or plastic retain more water for longer, so they should be watered less frequently.

Remember to water early in the morning or in the evening. Never with the sun up. Ideally, a drip irrigation system that is automated should be installed on the terrace or where the pots are. During the summer you must water daily and this system can become a great help.

You should always verify that the pot drains well, that excess water flows out of the lower holes when you water it.

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