Coat rack made with branch – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends, in today's space I leave you with this beautiful clothes rack made with a tree branch. It's easy, it's simple and above all economic!

I love this decoration because I see it natural and simple, with those walls in white it gives a modern and somewhat rustic touch.

Perfect to decorate a bedroom .. the branch, very thick, simulates a great coat rack .. more natural impossible!

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<p>If you like natural accessories, you will surely love this space. In this case it is a beautiful bedroom where there were two walls that needed some kind of decoration.</p>
<p>It is a small area, so the white color is very good because the little natural lighting that enters through the door, can reflect this color and it seems that the space is greater.</p>
<p>With the dark floor and the blank wall, the branch stands out a lot … it is also quite thick … so it perfectly withstands anything you hook.</p>
<p>In this case it seems to have no restraint, but if you look it has three points of support. The first point is on the ground, it is important. You can use different techniques to support the branch.</p>
<p>Well have a small hole in the crockery, well put it in a pot with some sand or earth. Finally you can glue the branch to the earthenware itself.</p>
<p>The other two points of support are in the two branches above. If you look they are attached to the wall and another in the corner.</p>
<p>You can also do it with different techniques through hooks, glue, also making a hole the size you need.</p>
<p>Take advantage of pruning branches to do things like this. It is easy and economical, they are also very beautiful.</p>
<p>Ideas like these will make your spaces become more natural places. I hope you like it!</p>
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