Codiaeum A plant that will not be missing in your garden ...

Codiaeum A plant that will not be missing in your garden …

If you think about grow other species in your garden or you just want to inform yourself of some plants that can come in handy to decorate with it the patio, your balcony or terrace and even the garden … that's why today we introduce you to the Codiaceum.

These plants, also called croton or crotos, are small shrubbery well branched .. which will bring a very special touch to our outdoor areas.

The family of the codiaceum It is very extensive, in it we can find a wide range of shapes, sizes and colors of the leaves. These shrubs are usually pruned regularly, so that they remain well healthy.

Normally when codiaceum reaches maturity it is distinguished because its flowers have hair and although these flowers are small, they are a beautiful cream color.

Among some of its most prominent varieties, codiaceum is found with colored leaves that are shown as small dots or spots.

These shrubs are native to Ceylon and Malaysia … although their tropical origin is this … they can develop very well in indoor areas … with the temperature they need. You will also need a wet rest period, with lots of light and food.

In this way we present a plant that we can include in our indoor spaces, provided we respect their conditions so that these plants can develop.

If we are going to raise them indoors, we must water them twice a week and always keep it well clean of dust … so we will prevent certain pests, such as the red spider, from installing in it.

Remember that this shrub will need, during the day, a lot of light .. so it will have a beautiful coloration .. it also likes abundant watering and needs good drainage.

When we are going to prune, this beautiful bush, remember that it must be at the beginning of the spring .. the codiaeum have a type of latex that can be toxic .. so if we have children at home we will take care to avoid being manipulated.

In addition this plant is perfect for your outdoor areas, becoming the brushstrokes that it needs with its striking colors .. perfect to combine with hedges or other plants with similar needs.

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