Coffee filters for easy drainage

Do you want a little trick to facilitate the drainage of your plants? Today I leave you a little trick, you will see that it is going great and your plants will have the best drainage. It is true that many things can be used for this purpose.

Normally stones can be used, in this way the water will filter more easily and help the plant to get rid of the water that is above them. There are some other tricks out there, but have you ever heard of coffee filters?

These small and economical articles will make the task of drainage much easier, in our beloved plants. Best of all, so the pot doesn't weigh so much. Normally the stones are laid or deposited at the end of the pots and on this the earth.

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<p>When you are going to move a pot the weight is noticeable, if the pot is greater .. the greater the weight. Instead, putting coffee filters in the grounds you will notice that the pots weigh much less and you can facilitate the movement or change of location of the plant.</p>
<p>When the cold ends and spring begins, you will surely like to plant new specimens. Dress your garden with color and add ornamental flowers in your favorite corners. Surely you will devote more to your outdoor spaces.</p>
<p>That's why I want to leave this advice, instead of stones as drainage .. use coffee filters. They are economical and perfect for the purpose we are talking about. Remember that this trick will help your plants to develop strongly and healthy.</p>
<p>Plants need their pampering, their care and that we love them. We must understand our plants, not all are equal. Some will need more pampering than others, some are more robust, others more delicate, but all need good drainage. In this way, I hope that the trick I share is very useful.</p>
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