Comfortable bed in the heights

Good morning friends, today I talk about this great idea to create a comfortable and comfortable bed in the heights.

Sometimes our outdoor spaces do not take advantage of them as we should, it is a great idea to be able to make them some lovely places where we can meet, eat, drink something, hold meetings, appointments and why not? Rest on high.

This idea seems great to me, it is not so complicated to do and you will enjoy the silence of nature. If you have a land where you have trees with thick branches, you can make this great bed.

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<p>It's easy, you just need a surface that can be made of wood, you can also use a box spring or make the pallet-based structure.</p>
<p>When you have it, add a quilt over this one … it doesn't have to weigh much … to avoid accidents.</p>
<p>It is necessary to fix everything very well to the tree, this has been done using some thick ropes.</p>
<p>As you can see they hold the ends of the bed, going through one of the thickest branches and then fixing the end of the rope on the other side of the bed.</p>
<p>Try to keep it very well, add as much rope as you need. Once you have all this done, you just have to introduce the mattress and put some nice covers.</p>
<p>Cheerful, bright and bright colors for summer or light colors such as a beautiful light blue or pale pink.</p>
<p>with the bedding you will create the atmosphere that you want, also add some very soft pillows.</p>
<p>In this way you can sunbathe, sleep, take a nap, talk .. it is ideal to rest and talk about our things. You can also read or simply meditate under the shade.</p>
<p>Try to find a place where not the full sun, so you will also have shade.</p>
<p>Do you like to sleep on high?</p>
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