cuidado de las bromelias

Common care of Bromeliads

Do you have bromeliads? Today I leave some common care of this type of plant. I remind you that there is a wide range of varieties of species and their great color makes them specially chosen to decorate gardens or terraces. In addition, the care they require is few, so it becomes a great plant to grow in warm areas.

Bromeliads, very beautiful plants that serve as a beautiful outdoor ornament, do not require great care. With minimal maintenance we can make them develop well and strong. Evergreen, this beautiful tropical plant needs heat, but not in excess; They will also need a humid climate and a temperature of at least 24 degrees so that they can give impressive flowers.

In order for them to grow strong, in addition to humidity and a warm climate, they need good lighting. It is NOT necessary for the sun to give them directly, they just need good lighting. This perennial plant will grow about 1 meter tall outdoors; its leaves are very beautiful we can see them in green colors and with the tip in reddish color (forming beautiful flowers)

So that the leaves do not lose color, remember the importance of watering by means of a sprayer or sprayer. Avoid at all costs the lime in the water, since this element is one of the causes by which the leaves of the Bromeliads discolor. Remember that maintaining this care, the plant should not give any problem.

Bromeliads can be planted both in the garden, on a soil worked with peat compost and you can even add a little moss to keep moisture. You can also grow the Bromeliads in pots, so you could put them on the terrace or in the patio.

Try not to let them out of the sun directly, water with a sprayer and keep them moist… don't let the earth dry. A fertilizer for flowering may be necessary twice a year and ready they will shine perfectly beautiful Do you like tropical plants?

bromeliad plant

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