Common diseases in fruit trees Part I

Good morning friends, these days I leave some of the most common diseases in fruit trees.

If you have fruit trees, surely you want them to develop well and are in perfect condition … for this you have to know some possible diseases … because if they are detected it may be fixed.

Frost, for foliage .. becomes apparent when the inside of the leaves wrinkles and has blisters. They also crack.

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<p>Damaged leaves do not usually fall, so be aware of them in places where there is frost.</p>
<p>If frost occurs at the time of flowering, the flowers will turn brown and these will fall.</p>
<p>If you see that you have a fruit tree, full of flowers … but one day they appear on the ground and the tree does not bear fruit … it is not normal.</p>
<p>The most normal cause is the absence of a pollinating partner, if this continues to happen. You should transplant another pollinator tree from another variety of the same tree you have.</p>
<p>If your tree loses its flowers regularly, it may also be due to bad weather. A climate where there is usually frost, for flowers it is a common problem to fall when they are exposed to that cold.</p>
<p>If you see that the fruits, are not yet ripe and fall from the tree when they are small .. think that this is due to an attack of insects that could become pests.</p>
<p>Look for the larvae in the fallen fruits .. although you will also find healthy fruits there may be insects left in some of them.</p>
<p>In apple trees, the fall may be due to a lack of pollination either by a cold or wet spring.</p>
<p>The fruits can also fall if it is a very young planted species, for example some varieties of oranges.</p>
<p>If you see that in your trees there is rust .. it is a serious disease that affects for example apples and pears.</p>
<p>It can happen in any area of ​​our tree. To discover it you will see that the leaves of this plant have green or brown spots.</p>
<p>The branches have blisters and the fruits do not have a normal shape, they will be deformed. To avoid it, among other things you can prune the stalks with scabs, collect the leaves and burn them .. better in autumn.</p>
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