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Common diseases in fruit trees Part III

Today in Decoration and Gardens, I leave more common diseases in fruit trees. With this third part we go a little deeper into possible mild or serious conditions that certain plants suffer and, in many cases, can be controlled.

One of them is the Mildiu! To detect this condition look at the buds and sprigs of flowers .. for example in apple trees or in a pear tree.

The flowers will look grayish, especially in spring. In addition, Mildiu is something quite serious that prevents the plant from growing and developing in conditions.

In this way, the affected flowers will not bloom and the leaves will fall off. A tree very sensitive to this disease is Cox´s Pippin, an orange tree.

To prevent the disease from progressing, it is good to prune infected areas and burn the branches. Finally you can spray the plant with Carbendazima.

Another common disease is Scabies or also called Erinosis. It is a mite that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

They become a fairly serious pest, affect the pear trees. Distinguish this through the leaves.

If you look at them you will see yellow and red gills, which turn dark when the disease progresses.

The leaves usually fall ill and early, the fruits are also affected. Try to tear the diseased leaves and eradicate the plague.

Finally I speak of the red mite. Normally we will distinguish it by the upper face of the leaves, which will look a little marbled.

When the infection is very advanced, you will see that the leaves turn a tan color, they also become weaker and fall.

To look for these mites, you must have a magnifying glass on hand and look at the underside of the leaves of the plant. Spraying with Permethrin or Malathion you can get rid of them.

In the next article I will continue to tell a little more about these common diseases in different fruit trees.

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