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Common pests in ferns

Do you know what are common pests in ferns? These lovely and striking plants, like many others, also have pictures of pests that must be controlled. Yesterday we talked a little about how to keep the garden ferns in good development in spring and summer.

This resistant plant at low temperatures (but not extreme) is an ornamental delight that can be part of both the interior and the exterior of our home. If we have them in the garden or other outdoor areas, the common pests you can find are the famous mealybugs.

These plants are weak or prone and vulnerable to mealybugs. That is why we have to be very careful and occasionally monitor the ferns we have. If there are indications of these insects or we see them directly, take appropriate measures. There are many products that will help you get rid of these deadly pests; If it is widespread, you may have to spray or spray.

On the other hand, more than insect pests that can appear and destroy your precious plant, ferns are weak against certain bacteria and fungi. It is logical that this is so given the condition in which these species should develop. Remember that the fern plant should grow in an environment of warm temperature and constant humidity; Normally it should be in places where not from the sun … all this and living in constant humidity (NO pooling) can lead to the proliferation of certain occurrences of fungi and bacteria, as I said earlier.

One of these conditions or diseases, caused by excessive humidity, is botrytis. The plant that has young leaves will not grow and rot sooner. First of all, you must use specific products for this type of problem. And remember, it will also be necessary to reduce the risks (you may have watered excessively for a while)

If your fern is covered by a yellowish or whitish sticky layer, it is a plague of mealybugs … on the contrary, if you see that the younger leaves do not grow and rot we are facing a condition that can be botrytis.

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