Concrete blocks as pots

Concrete blocks as pots

Good morning friends, in today's space we will talk about how to create some original pots, with concrete blocks. If you have done work at home and you have left some blocks of homigón, or you know where to get them, today we propose you to make some pots, completely different.

To decorate the garden instead of always using the same furniture, accessories and others, we will reuse these blocks .. which, of course, will be difficult to move.

Finding a good place to locate the garden in the city is difficult, but for all those who have it and need some ideas about decoration, today we leave you this proposal.

It is also a good idea to take the garden to our home, if you have a patio or maybe a terrace .. these concrete pots may be very useful.

As a creative solution we find that these blocks can be reused, to be part of our life. In this occasion we see blocks of about 12 inches, fixed on each other.

It is not necessary to put so many … or yes? Try to make your own design, in addition to fix them you do not have to do much, just stack on each other, being careful not to damage the plants … As the blocks weigh heavily, they will not move. Besides this way we will prevent them from cracking.

So that water is not introduced through the porous stone, we will use an industrial sealant, also if you have remnants of blocks you can make a very beautiful design.

When you have just distributed them through the garden, you can fill in the gaps with soil and fertilizer, then add the plants you want. Select the flowers that you like the most, and bring that outer space to life.

Any of us can do it at home, if you do not like them so large or have smaller blocks .. they will serve us equally. To finish you can add more color by painting these blocks with a vibrant and lasting color.

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