Cook them to decorate your garden

Cook them to decorate your garden

Good morning dear friends! Today in Decoration and Gardens, we want to talk about an especially noble plant … if you want to decorate both your exteriors and your interior areas … here we leave you this fantastic plant that you will love.

The Coleus or Coleus, they are beautiful plants especially noble .. physically they are spectacular and striking .. so that they will be great wherever we put them.

To decorate our spaces with bright and pleasant colors, the Coleos are the ideal plants. If you want to add color, these plants can be obtained in many different colors, different shapes and textures.

Therefore they are especially ideal to be part of the decoration of your garden, the balcony, the terrace, your patio or your interior areas.

Its cultivation and care is very simple so we propose this decorative plant to inspire all your environments and be part of the decoration of your home.

Their care is minimal, so they are not plants that we have to be on them all the time and pending so that nothing happens to them. Choles are ideal for people who do not have too much time to invest in plants.

The temperatures they support are between 13 and 25 degrees … that is why we can place them both in outdoor areas, as in indoor areas … provided that there are no extreme temperatures, these plants will grow perfectly.

You can give them both light and sun, if it is semi sun or filtered light, it will be better than better. These plants can especially be seen in temperate climates.

The Coleos belong to the family of Labiadas, originally from Southeast Asia. As we see it is an annual, evergreen plant. So that we know it well before decorating with it or cultivating it, these plants usually reach a height of between 20 and 25 cm.

It has varied leaves, they are composed of some simple, others of colors and their forms are different .. In addition we can find them in red, stained, marbled, yellow, bronze, gray, cream .. as you see a lot of colors with the We can get contrast and decorate our favorite places.

The flowers are small and in light blue or white color, they are joined as spikes. For more data we must say that this plant usually blooms in autumn or winter and does not need very frequent watering.

In spring we can pay it with liquid fertilizer, in this way it will grow healthy, strong and well developed. Finally we tell you that it is a plant little attacked by plants, although its real enemy is slugs or snails.

And both by cuttings, and by seeds we can multiply them easily, add a container with water and in a few days we will see the roots.

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