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Correct choice of fruit trees for your garden

The fruit trees are a good choice to place in a garden, It is important that we take care of them correctly so that in addition to fruits they give us a good flowering during the spring.

If space permits, you can dedicate a garden area to them, they are very decorative and will allow us to cover family fruit needs. If you take care of them, the crops will be abundant.

Savor the taste of its fresh fruits that are produced at the same time you cut them from the tree. There is a wide variety of fruit trees that you can choose from, one of the limitations for your choice is the weather. Choose early, medium and late ripening cultivars to extend the harvest.

Production surpluses can be frozen or prepared sweets for later consumption.

We advise you to avoid planting vegetables on the feet of fruit trees, as competition between roots will be established. In the only time of the year that you can plant it is during the winter, when the trees have no leaves, at that time you can plant early lettuce.

Normally the fruit trees in the houses are placed with a double intention, the one to decorate and the one to produce fruits. You can place them in groups of several specimens or you can plant them in isolation (fig, walnut, olive).

If you are going to place them in places of walk, on the sides of the roads we will advise you that choose decorative flower trees. Among the species recommended are the almond, cherry, plum, citrus.

If you want to give a more informal style to your garden, we advise you to keep in mind the currants, blackberries and pear trees.

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