Correct way to fertilize the lawn

We will continue talking to you about the correct use of fertilizers in your lawn, in a previous article we have referred to the correct use of nitrogen and in the cases that its use is advised.

If you are going to place a fertilizer like urea: we throw 9 kilos every thousand square meters in three applications a year: in spring, summer and autumn. In summer you should only place it in case you see that the grass lacks greenery and is decayed or grows badly.

If the grass were ornamental or sunturi you will see that they are composed of finer species. You should increase the amount of urea.

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<p style=For fertilizer placement The first thing you should know is the amount of square meters you have on your land. The subscriber must always be made after the lawn has been cut.

Grain fertilizers can be distributed by hand or volley. In the case of larger lands, special carts are often used. Try to distribute the dose evenly so that in some places it does not fall too much and in others very little. When excess fertilizer is placed, burns or overgrowth can occur.

It is essential to perform abundant watering after paying, this will cause the balls to dissolve in part and avoid burns.

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