Correct way to fertilize the lawn

To have a healthy and beautiful lawn must be paid every year, so the nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and all the nutrients that are lost with the continuous cuts will be returned to the soil.

A good option is to have a grass cutter that crushes the remains of the cut grass and returns them in small particles to make decomposition easier, a way to return the minerals taken to the ground.

Sometimes the rains produce a wash that is not good for the development of the grass since the minerals (especially the nitrogen) is dragged to the deeper layers far from the reach of the roots.

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<p style=The amount of fertilizers you should place will depend on different factors., the ideal is to study each particular case, making an analysis of the soil, the climate, the type of grass and the use that we give it, these parameters will allow to adjust the doses. It is not the same to have a lawn of a golf course green than one where the weather is very rainy or in a sub-desert climate.

On average the lawn needs year-round about 12 kilos of nitrogen For every thousand square meters. They can be distributed in three applications in a whole year.

With a fertilizer that contains 46 percent of nitrogen we will place fewer kilos of fertilizer than one that contains 15 percent of nitrogen to reach the necessary 12 kilos of nitrogen. We will give you a practical example:

When buying a fertilizer you should know the wealth of nitrogen (the numbers that are separated by dashes that are seen on the package) since each type of chemical fertilizer has a different wealth.

Fertilizers can be placed in three applications a year: one in spring, the other in summer and the other during autumn.

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