Cotton Plant - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Cotton Plant – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Friends today we want to talk about one of the most important plants in our lives, because from it we get the corresponding raw material to make half of the clothes we wear … cotton.

This prickly plant, is from the family of Malvaceae. We can see them always cultivated with the aim of taking advantage of their fibers. These flowers are composed of fibrous fibers or capsules that wrap their seeds … which are perfect for our outfits. The nascience of this type of plant is quite weak, so it takes a lot of care to develop under conditions … so we can't grow it anywhere.

Being prickly, its collection is not so easy, you have to be very careful to remove the fiber by hand. It is true that in many places the cotton collection has been updated, so that it is the machines that do this work, but for example – without entering into issues of poverty– in India or in the African savanna It is the hand of man, which makes the collection … in this way, the cotton obtained is of much better quality.

The cotton requires a large amount of water and moisture during its full development, this shrub has stomated leaves, microscopic opening … for these can breathe and exchange gases and liquids with the reality of the outside.

To plant the seeds, they are made during the rainy season … after one or two weeks the first leaves of the plant will be seen.

After a few months we will see the white, yellow or a beautiful pink flowers … with time the flower comes off and in this place we will see a green capsule that we will let mature for a few weeks. When the capsule becomes mature it will begin to open and from here we will see the cotton coming out.

Recall that there are different species of cotton of which some of the most important are hirsutum -America- and the herbaceum and arboreum originating from Asia.

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