maletas y macetas con plantas

Create a vintage space

Good morning friends, for lovers of vintage style today I propose a great idea that you will surely like. Create a vintage space in your home easily and simply, yes using plants!

If you are looking for vintage details for your home, this set is a great solution decorative for any of your corners.

If you have a space where you would like to put something and you still don't know what, today I propose this great idea based on pots, plants And some suitcases.

Creating a vintage space is not so complicated, especially if we have some old materials that belong to previous years.

In the image we see how with a simple suitcase and some plants, this type of space has been created very easily.

If you want to try just make a pair of old suitcases, some pots and some plants that you like.

Remember that if this set is located in indoor areas, look for plants that adapt to this environment and do not need much sun.

If the plants you are going to use require sunny hours, try putting this vintage set in a sunny room.

With two suitcases and three pots with their respective plants and flowers, this harmonious vintage set has been created.

As a main detail, except for the suitcases, we see how there is a shoe-shaped pot .. the truth is that it is quite curious and gives a touch of eccentricity to the rest.

To finish we see how it has also been added, to the set, some old books .. It does not carry anything else and it looks great.

If you want to include, in your vintage style, some details .. this idea may be what you are looking for. Anyway I hope it will be a great inspiration to create your own sets at home.


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