Create with seasonal flowers

Create with seasonal flowers

Good morning friends, today we will talk about how to add to our spaces the aromas and flowers that we like, so we will provide impressive aromas to the rooms.

Both in areas of the interior of the home, as in outdoor spaces we can add freshness with seasonal plants and flowers …

In florists and specific places such as greenhouses we can find all kinds of species that we like and attract attention. We will also find fresh flowers that can come from other national and international greenhouses.

It is not very complicated to add green to all our environments, it only takes a little creativity and initiative … so we can customize our own flowers and plants … look for beautiful colored vases.

Bottles that we want to recycle, add them in a glass base with some candles, take advantage of their petals, make great arrangements to decorate the surfaces.

There are some great vases, of many colors that are also ecological and transparent. The good thing about them is that they carry a water system that keeps the plant longer.

Always think about combining some flowers, we can do this in the same pot … but we have to watch what kind of combination we are going to analyze.

For example it will be beautiful if you combine the color white with pink, or red or lilac .. Take into account the colors of the flowers.

Baskets or large sherds can be used by planting several species at once .. try to make them compatible, those yes. In this type of use some elements of the forest are usually included to give a fresher air.

Finally, we tell you that adding a little wet moss will help us to refresh the plant we have … it can also help us as a base for this type of work. Ferns, tree trunks, some eucalyptus leaves or pineapples are perfect for making great floral arrangements.

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