Cultiva de la Campanilla - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Cultiva de la Campanilla – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends, today we leave you some of the characteristics of a beautiful flower, the Bell.

Surely it will sound a lot to you! Its scientific name is Ipomoea tricolor, among others .. of the Convolvulaceae family.

This plant is perfect for decorations rather rustic, but you can include it wherever you want. Remember that it favors rather temperate climates.

These plants can grow in the open air and are acquiring rather woody plant properties.

In addition the Bell is a plant that will beautify the walls and the ceiling, since it is climbing. Also its development, so fast, will help us.

The stems of this flower are rather thin and have many ramifications, the leaves are alternate.

The leaves of the Bell are armored, lobed, accumulated and rather persistent.

This plant usually measures between 3 and 6 meters, depending on where we grow it. The bell usually generates abundant flowers in different colors such as violet or light blue.

The flowering season of the bell is usually rather late spring and summer.

The bell can be grown on the balcony or in the garden and is very easy to carry out to use as decoration … remember that they will develop better in temperate climates.

Sunlight also suits them very well, so place them in rather sunny places or rather bright enough.

It can grow in almost all types of soils, but it will develop optimally in rich, fresh and substantial soils.

Irrigation has to be regular, this plant has some resistance to droughts but not too much … that the low temperatures do not support them.

Finally we tell you that if you want to multiply this plant, you can do it in spring from seeds. Add them in pots, for example, and you'll see that soon we can enjoy their color.


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