planta violeta

Cultivation and properties of the violet plant

Good morning friends, today I am talking about a plant known to all of us, the Violet. This beautiful flower is much appreciated, given its high aesthetic level.

This beautiful plant It is herbaceous and we will see it with beautiful evergreen leaves. The color so vibrant and vivid is why it is often decorated with it.

It is a plant with petals Violets, like the name of the flower itself. But even if the plant is called that, not all are the same color .. you can find violets in white, for example.

Cultivate Violeta has nothing of the other world, it is something rather easy and also they do not need much sun .. so if you have spaces where it does not give much light, there you can put violets.

These wonderful flowers are perfect for decorating both outdoor areas such as the balcony, terrace, garden … or indoor areas.

It is important to know that the flower of the Violet usually lasts between two and three weeks, and can not receive the sun directly … hence we can put it in a place where there is not much sunlight.

If you are interested in growing the Violeta plant, here are some basic things for you to take into account. For example, watering must be regular … as an example you can water two to three times a week.

There is something very important that we have to keep in mind and that the pattern is repeated in many other plants, the earth must never be dry … because the plant will die. It has to be wet.

Almost everything is taken advantage of from this plant, on the one hand it is perfect for growing and decorating all our environments thanks to its beautiful colors.

On the other hand its delicious aroma can be used in spirits, confectionery and gastronomy. Also perfect for making perfumes and cosmetic products.

But in addition to all this, it is said that it has properties medicinal.. some of them is that their leaves help with rheumatism, lowers fever, lowers allergic skin reactions. It also has laxative, expectorant properties …

As you see a truly multi-purpose plant!


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