Cultivation from Cuttings

Cultivation from Cuttings

In today's space we will talk about the culture from cuttings. If you want to cultivate with this method today we will leave some ideas for you to take into account.

We know that we can find woody plants, grown from cuttings, both in nurseries and in garden centers. Although we know that in many of these sites they have special equipment with which to have a great variety of plants from cuttings.

In our garden we will probably have fewer varieties, but we can always grow from cuttings with some tips.

There are four types of cuttings or ways to grow cuttings. These four are intermodal cuttings, nodes, heel cuttings and base cuttings. Knowing this we will extend a little more for each of them.

Intermodal cuttings are those obtained by cutting between two knots. Nodes are those obtained by cutting under the knot of the leaf. Heel cuttings are those that cut the side shoots of the main stem. Finally the base cuttings are those lateral shoots, taken from the main branch, which are right at the point where it begins to swell.

In general, cuttings should be cut at appropriate and appropriate times, such as spring.

Remember that the cuttings that are going to take root more easily in a domestic environment, will be those that are cut at the beginning of the growing season … at this moment the shoots of the plants are still soft … this type of cuttings is called – green cuttings –

The rest of cuttings are cut when the bud has begun to harden, so it will be more or less in mid-summer. These are better rooted in propagation boxes or in pots.

Once well rooted and planted, we gradually take them out in the open air … until they get used to an outdoor environment. We are doing this for a few weeks.

We just remember that the time that the cutting remains in the pot, until it is transplanted to the soil will depend on the type of plant.

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