Curiosities about plants – Ideas for gardens and decoration

The plants have some interesting curiosities to know, we will refer to them.

It is estimated that the first plants of the earth lived approximately 450 million years ago, since that time the earth has been taking different characteristics. The plants proved to have a great adaptation, being able to live in cool places, with water, higher, less elevated, hot cold, etc. We humans could not live in a world without plants, so it is our duty to take care of them.

One of the first plants of which one has notion is the Cooksonis, which appeared about 415 million years ago. It was about vascular plants, which had no roots, no leaves, no flowers had on the tip of the bifurcated stem some capsules called sporangia where the spores were stored.

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<p style=Since they had no roots, it was the stem that was fixed to the substrate and was responsible for providing nutrients to the plant. These plants were about 65 millimeters long. It is considered to be the background of vascular plants that are seen today.

Botany is the science in charge of studying vegetables, it includes the description, distribution, classification and the relationships that exist with other living beings. Botany knowledge is very useful for the training of professionals such as pharmacists, forestry engineers, agronomists, naturalists, etc.

There are many characteristics of plants that surprise us, such as their appearance, size, shape. One of the most striking is the Amorphophallus titanum whose flower is the largest in the world, with a weight that reaches 75 kilos. The smallest flower is that of the Wolffia angusta plant, it is an aquatic plant.

The most voluminous tree on the planet is General Sherman, it is found in the Sequoia National Park (California, United States).

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